• We work to improve policies and perceptions impacting American Muslims.

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    There's no doubt. America is in a moral crisis; one that goes well beyond racism and Islamophobia. It’s a moral crisis of preying on our differences to fan the flames of fear and division.

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    Our social justice icons understood that it is not political power that creates change but moral power that unites the religious and agnostic, conservative and progressive around shared values.

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    2018 marks our 30-year anniversary. Will you support us as we continue to build a moral power base with allies of all creeds? Please donate towards our $100,000 year-end goal.

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    Why donors like you support MPAC


    "I appreciate your diligence in administrating your mission of furthering Muslim American perspective and values in such a toxic and negative environment. It is important work! It is exhausting work! Thank you for being a respectful, positive, factual presence in the dialogue our country is engaging around immigrants, and freedom of religion."


    A truly exceptional and fantastic community led by a true leader and visionary in Salam Al-Marayati. MPAC is a place where people stick together, freely disagree, and share ideas - no matter how unpopular they might be. And as an organization, it is always at the forefront of freedom of speech, democracy, and moderation. Truly a pleasure to promote it and I can only wish one day to contribute more.


    "Thank you for your efforts in protecting the civil liberties of American Muslims and educating the American public about Islam. We face a daunting challenge, but organizations like MPAC give me hope."


    "My mother's family was almost entirely destroyed by the Holocaust. I grew up with Japanese-American friends and neighbors who had been interned during World War II. We cannot go back."